Santander WomenNOW Summit Will Convert Madrid into the Great European Capital of the Woman

With the slogan #MakeHERstory, the Santander WomenNOW Summit presents an ambitious congress organised by Taller de Editores-Vocento, which is globally supported by Banco Santander and has the official collaboration of European institutions.

The event, which will be held between 28 and 30 March, aims to give a voice to all the women who, in their daily lives, face challenges and obstacles at a time of constant change. The event has a three-fold objective: to disseminate and explore all the unfair realities that many women face around the world and those cultures and customs that are behind the times yet still defended; to join and consolidate the desires of all those with responsibility, men and women, whose decisions affect thousands of people and who, without a doubt, can change history; and to provide and offer a unique discussion setting to listen to testimonies in freedom, to share experiences, change or create opinions, celebrate journeys, discover new and young talent and entrepreneurs and analyse trends.

At a time in which women are taking a leading role on the front covers of the media, and many wish to participate in the discussion and contribute their opinion, the organisers claim “it is important to have a leading congress, inspired by the feminist movements that have arisen recently around the world and that aim to bring together a social change”.

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