Privacy Policy

1.  Identification and contact details of the Processing Manager.
2. General information: description of the information contained in the privacy policy.
3. Necessary and updated information.

1. Identification and contact details of the Processing Manager.
Vocento, S.A. company registered at Calle Pintor Losada 7 Bilbao, with CIF [tax code] A-48001655, and telephone 902 090 155 (henceforth, “Vocento” or the “Company”) is responsible for the processing of the personal data that is processed by means of this web page (the “Web Page”). This clause outlines the information regarding how the Company will use your personal data.
Likewise, this Privacy Policy aims to facilitate information regarding the rights granted to the Web Page user pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). If you have any queries regarding the processing of your personal data, contact the Company via the following email address:
Likewise, we inform you that Grupo Vocento (of which the Company is the Parent Company) has a designated Data Protection Officer at a Group level, whom you can contact via the following email address (

2. General information: description of the information contained in the privacy policy.
In this privacy policy you will find a table identifying the processing undertaken by Vocento.
Said informative tables will inform you of:
The purposes of the processing of your personal data; meaning the reason for which Vocento processes your personal data.
The legal terms and conditions that enable the Company to process the data for said purpose.
The possible transfer or communication of your data to third parties, as well as the cause of said communication. For these purposes, we inform you that we do not transfer your person data to third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so (Public Tax Administration, Courts and Tribunals, Security Forces, etc.) or expressly that indicated in the table below. On the other hand, the Company’s data processors, meaning the service providers, shall have access to your dataas they need access to your personal data in order to undertake their tasks. The service providers that access your personal data, in general, are dedicated to information and technology systems and call centres. The table below shows, in this case, the sectors that other possible service providers that may access your personal data are dedicated to.
We inform you that you can request more detailed information regarding the recipients of your data by sending an email to
The existence of potential international transfers of data.
The retention period of the data you provide to us. The table below identifies the period for which we process your personal data. Likewise, we inform you that afterwards your data will remain blocked for the attention of legal, administrative or tax claims, in the terms that each legally applicable regulation determines.

3. Necessary and updated information.
It is compulsory to complete all the fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the forms provided to you, any omissions will render it impossible for you to send your details to us in order for the requested services to be provided to you. You must provide true information. The use of alias or means to hide your identity is prohibited.
When requested to provide any data that you may be asked for in the existing contact form, you may not use expressions or word-graphic sets that are rude, abusive, coincide with brands, commercial names, establishment signs, business names, advertising expressions or names or pseudonyms of public or famous people if you are not authorised for said use, and, in general, any that are against the law or generally accepted morality and good customs.
So that the information provided is always up-to-date and does not contain errors, you should inform Vocento, as soon as possible, of any modifications or rectifications that occur regarding your personal data, via the following email address
Likewise, by clicking on the “Send” button (or equivalent), incorporated in the mentioned contact forms, you declare that the information and data provided is true and exact.