• Friday29March 2019




    Presented by the journalist Rosa Quintana

    16:00- 16:15

    Equality in the world. A challenge for UN Women

    Begoña Lasagabaster, UN Women Representative in Tunisia and Libya.

    16:15- 16:40

    On the Front Line: Women in International Justice. A Conversation

    Raquel Vázquez Llorente, lawyer specialised in International Criminal Law and Senior Legal Advisor at EyeWitness.
    Almudena Bernabéu, lawyer specialised in human rights and co-founder and director at Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers.

    16:40- 17:30

    One Challenge, Different Realities

    Carmen Quintanilla, national president of AFAMMER (Association of Families and Women in Rural Communities).
    Ana Bella, president of Fundación Ana Bella.
    Eva Pérez Nanclares, vice-president of REDI, the Business Network for Diversity and LGBTI Inclusion.
    Ana Lamas, president of WomenCEO.
    Ana Muñoz de Dios, general director of Fundación Integra.

    Moderator Rosa Quintana, journalist.

    17:30- 18:10

    Women for a Better World

    Kavita Parmar, designer and founder of the IOU Project for traceability up to the raw material.
    Kotchakorn Voraakhom, CEO and founder of Porous City Network. Urban architect for the sustainability of cities.
    Clara Arpa, CEO of Arpa and founder of the CIDS Innovation Center for Sustainable Development, and member of the UN Global Compact Board.

    Moderator Clara Montes, organizer of TEDxBArcelona Women.

    18:10- 18:40


    Nicko Nogués, activist and creator of the movement #demaschosaHOMBRES.

    18:40- 19:15

    European values. International commitment for gender equality

    Alessia Centioni, presidenta y co-fundadora de la European Women Alliance.
    Iratxe García, eurodiputada por S&D.
    Beatriz Becerra, eurodiputada por ALDE.

    Modera Cristina Sancho, vicepresidenta de EJE&CON y directora de Comunicación de Wolters Kluwer.

    Sesión con traducción simultánea.

  • Saturday30March 2019




    Presented by the journalist Rosa Quintana

    10:00- 10:45

    The Feminine Big Bang

    Concha Monje, Robotics Researcher and Lecturer at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid.
    Soledad Antelada, expert in cybersecurity, computer systems engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US Department of Energy and founder of GirlsCanHack.
    Luz Rello, Change Dyslexia and Systems Scientist at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

    Moderator Cristina Santa Marina, cofounder The Neon Project. 

    10:45- 11:30

    Education, a Pending Subject

    Laura Sagnier, author of the study Las Mujeres Hoy.
    Isabel Menéndez, psychologist.
    Laura Freixas, writer.

    Moderator Charo Carrera, editor of Mujerhoy.

    11:30- 11:45

    Generación 81

    María Ruiz de Andújar, member of the Governing Body of Banco de Santander España.

    11:45- 12:45

    I’m a Woman, am I a Feminist? Post-Feminism

    Circular feminism, by Leticia Espinosa de los Monteros, chairwoman of Círculo Orellana.
    Feminism 4.0, by Adriana Scozzafava, Managing Director of Accenture and Lead of Gender Diversity programs.
    Feminism tomorrow, by Victoria Ortega, chairwoman of the Spanish Bar Association.
    Feminism and new professional roles, by Ana Irusta, HR Manager of Santander España.
    Active feminism, by Mabel Lozano, actress, script writer, film director and activist.

    Moderator Gloria Lomana, journalist and chairwoman of 5050GL.

    12:45- 13:45

    No, It’s Not a Man’s Business

    Sonia Sánchez Mula, communication director at CNI.
    Marisol Soengas, head of the Melanoma group at CNIO.
    Vanessa de Velasco Calvo-Flores, A330 and A340 pilot at Iberia and creator of the platform “Aviadoras” to encourage women to be pilots.
    Ana Betegón, Colonel in the Spanish Air Force, Director of the Military Hospital of Zaragoza.
    Joana Pastrana, boxer, three-time champion of the IBF World Championship and two-time champion de EBU EU Championship.

    Moderator Gabriela Uriarte, director of Formación CEOE, director of the project Promociona.

  • Nouvel Building. Auditorium 200

    Provisional programme. Schedule and/or speakers subject to possible updates or modifications.